I emailed them (didn't know about the "tell us about a lower price" option) and they wrote back saying they don't price match game consoles. So, unless this starts getting picked up at other retails I wouldn't bet on it. » 12/21/14 7:41pm 12/21/14 7:41pm

Kotaku really has something against AC Unity. I loved the game and thought it was the best game since AC 2. Didn't have a fraction of the problems mentioned in the original review (was playing on Xbox One around patch 2). Loved the story, the characters, and Paris overall. I really hope people didn't let their review… » 12/19/14 11:33am 12/19/14 11:33am

Sooooo...who has enough LEGO building knowledge to make up some plans on that Serenity build? Would love to be able to make one for myself. Wouldn't even know where to start with which set to purchase that has those pieces or some of the structural stuff. » 12/17/14 11:46am 12/17/14 11:46am

I didn't even know half of these were on Netflix. I really hate their system of showing you what they THINK you want to see and make it impossible to find anything else unless you know the exact title of the film. » 12/16/14 12:26pm 12/16/14 12:26pm