Sooooo...who has enough LEGO building knowledge to make up some plans on that Serenity build? Would love to be able to make one for myself. Wouldn't even know where to start with which set to purchase that has those pieces or some of the structural stuff. » 12/17/14 11:46am Today 11:46am

I didn't even know half of these were on Netflix. I really hate their system of showing you what they THINK you want to see and make it impossible to find anything else unless you know the exact title of the film. » 12/16/14 12:26pm Yesterday 12:26pm

Don't see why Event Horizon needs a reboot or remake, it was a perfectly good great film that stands on its own. Use it as a reason for why we need more great space horror films. Was a big fan of Pandorum, which I thought would help as well, but there just wasn't enough interest. Probably going to take a Dead Space… » 12/14/14 12:52pm Sunday 12:52pm

I was really hoping a continuation of Arno's story. Really enjoyed Unity (and didn't have half as many issues many people were running into). The story, the setting, the characters...all brought me back to how I felt about 2. » 12/02/14 4:10pm 12/02/14 4:10pm

Played this before Unity because I heard the story led into the French Revolution. Ended up really enjoying it and is easily my favorite of the 3 Americas games. Enjoyed it so much I've continued to play it to finish up the achievements and collectables before heading into Unity. Would definitely recommend it,… » 11/21/14 5:31pm 11/21/14 5:31pm